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THANKS for dropping by to check out Katanak Merch!

I've done the designing myself,  so go check out it out below.
There are T'shirts & Hoodies, and I can ship internationally for a very reasonable price.


Why buy my merch?

At the end of the day bands make very little money from actually playing and recording music.

This is the best way to financially support me if you're a fan of what I do. Having said that, just listening to my music and showing your support by including in a playlist is also appreciated.

I want to provide quality merchandise that represents my music and you'll be excited to wear.

Any questions, contact me on

Katanak tshirt merch. Black tshirt with white and pink KTNK logo
Katanak and his drummer and bassist promoting Katanak merch by wearing the tshirts
KTNK Hoodie for sale
KAT5 Pink Hoodie for sale
KAT6 Black Hoodie for sale
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